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MOPAS is a mobile payment and savings initiative designed to enable member access the rewards system in mobile payment industry. It is an opportunity and reward package.

MOPAS is rested on mobile airtime top-up and savings.

1   Airtime Top-Up:
This is a special airtime top-up reward scheme of SEMBIC. This is an initiative put up to assist our members top-up their devises and earn fantastically thereon.
This is to say you are doing what you have been doing before but this time around you earn BIG money from such act.


*BONUS: Earn up to 2% of your personal airtime top-up and that of your referrals on a monthly basis!

* Earn from SEMBIC performance incentives like ipads, laptops, cars etc from just toping-ups!

* REFERRAL EARNINGS: Earn referral Bonus on every new and active member you introduced.

2   Savings:
This is SEMBIC Financial Planning service; it is a Social Saving Scheme on PocketMoni and Cornerstone Insurance Universal Plan (CUP). This is an initiative put up to assist our prospects and members achieve their financial goals and aspirations.

*ACHIEVEMENT OF FINANCIAL GOALS: This service is to ensure that member’s financial goals for both short and medium, and even long terms are achieved.
*Bonus: Earn 0.5% of your referral savings! That is huge!!!
* Earn from SEMBIC performance incentives like ipads, laptops, cars etc from just savings!

* REFERRAL EARNINGS: Earn referral Bonus on every new and active member you introduced.

These we have put together to be become a reality on our PocketMoni mobile money service. People may have done some financial planning, however, for most people, developing and maintaining a plan to achieve all of their financial goals is a daunting challenge; one we delay taking on. In line with this service, we are into strategic marketing service partnership with Cornerstone Insurance Plc to introduce their insurance product to the public in order for them to maximize the benefits thereon. This we intent to achieve with the backup of our mobile money operator (Pocketmoni), to deliver a cashless saving initiative.


*Monthly auto-debit deposits prompt from your PocketMoni account.
*Flexibility  (decide your daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deposit amount, starting from a minimum of N500.00 daily or N10, 000.00 minimum monthly).
*It is a savings plan that assists in providing a lump sum over a short period of time, 24 months, with a guaranteed interest that is tied to the Monthly Performance Rate (MPR) declared by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), fixed now as MPR minus 5%, giving an effective interest rate of 3%p.a. at the end of the tenor.
*Creates short term capital for future needs such as; business start-up, school fees, landed property, purchase of annuity at retirement, savings towards pilgrimage and/or holidays etc.
*Attractive interest on contribution at the expiration of plan.
Policy can be surrendered after a minimum of 10months (subject to policy terms and conditions).
*Access to a policy loan, of an amount not greater than 70% of the cash surrender value and at a MPR minus 5% interest rate, after a minimum of 10months into the plan.
*Policy can be tendered as collateral with any financial institution, to the limit of 70% of the surrender value as at the time of tendering.


*Life Cover
The sum assured is the first installment deposit paid on the policy e.g. if one choose a 24month N120,000.00 premium per annum policy, then the sum assured will be N10,000.00 (for monthly payment); N30,000.00 (for quarterly payment), N60,000.00 (for half yearly payment) and N120,000.00 (for yearly payment).
*Death Benefit
In the event of early death (of investor) before maturity, the death benefit is the amount in the policyholders account (fund balance) plus the Life Cover mentioned above.

Payment for services and bills from the phone e.g. DSTV, Electric Bills and all other mobile payment and banking.

As a registered member, you are assigned to a marketer who will be available to all your needs.

MOPAS Set Up Process

  • Set-up pocket moni for free from you mobile phone:
  • Send REG FIRSTNAME LASTNAME 001998 to 20220, e.g. (REG Segun James 001998) to 20220.
  • You will get a confirmation SMS with a default PIN. Change your PIN using *389#.
  • You can now download the APP on your mobile phone for IOS, ANDROID, and BLACKBERRY etc.
  • Download our Arizona MOBIFIN app on your phone for free (follow our officer’s instructions here)
  • Fund your pocket moni account through our agents, banks, transfer from existing funded pocketmoni account holder and through online funding by paying in to etranzact FCMB account so that you can do transactions on the account.
  • Transfer money to SEMBIC realcard pocketmoni agent account number 07067826218  for the value of airtime that you want
  • SEMBIC will transfer airtime credit to your Arizona MOBIFIN account immediately the payment is confirmed
  • You credit your phone or any third party phone number for free or for a N value and you start callings, text browse etc etc!