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SEMBIC’s RealCard is the electronic reward card solution which is physically held and is primed to a mobile phone that is used to store and transfer realwallet value.

RealCard is a virtual distribution channel that brings both products/services and consumers together on a mutually beneficial platform to exchange great value. It bridges the gap between sellers in a hurry and buyers who want more value for their money.

RealCard enables the holder to access all the benefits of mobile money services, and it is an ATM enables card.

This card is a must held by everyone under the SEMBIC network.

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realcard Compensation Plan / Income Opportunity
This is an opportunity for you to own a world class ATM enabled card with the discount service function, this also open you to partake of our realtalk package with its benefits and enjoy the benefit of savings without stress to attain financial goals on our SME business opportunities called realcosu. By simply recruiting a new member once, you can get paid on that recruit for as long as they remain active on our network… And by teaching others to do exactly the same thing, you can get paid for their efforts too.

Imagine your earning potentials of about N30,000 in a month by just talking to people who will only recharge via our e-portal and possibly make regular contribution.

Imagine an easy exposure to limitless opportunities in our main programmes, this is HUGE!

With a paltry registration fee of N2,000 you become qualify you for this awesome opportunity and these you enjoy for life!

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