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SEMBIC offers a complete service for mobile phone users wishing to reduce the costs of managing their prepaid and even post-paid top-up and who wish to maximise profit thereon. SEMBIC also provides a portal for the consumer/distributor to manage their own and others pre-pay and post-paid accounts from either the web or their mobile handset. They can review all their transactions, add/change payment/personal details and many other actions all designed to offer a superior customer experience whilst lowering support costs and generate wealth with the use of mobile phone.

realtalk is a package designed to bring out the best of every mobile phone use be it a GSM or CDMA irrespective of the telecoms network. The package gives you the ability to recharge your phone without necessarily going logical (buying of physical recharge cards). This is a great opportunity to recharge even at mid-night and at anywhere at the comfort of your office, shop or your house and earn commission to your bank account. We operate with a network that can interact with any telecom operator, whether it is GSM or CDMA.

Everyone on this package needs to own our m-wallet (through our realcard) where fund is kept to recharge phones and even do other transactions.

Earning potentials here is limitless depending on what you want to earn per time as residual income monthly from referrals.

The service is powered by eTranzact.

realtalk Compensation Plan / Income Opportunity
This is an opportunity for you to own an ATM enabled card with discount service function plus other fantastic opportunities in realcard, this also open you to partake of our realteller package and enjoy the benefit of savings without stress to attain financial goals on our SME business opportunities called realcosu. By simply recruiting a new member once, you can get paid on that recruit for as long as they remain active on our network… And by teaching others to do exactly the same thing, you can get paid for their efforts too.

Imagine your earning potentials of over N5million in a month in our fast start bonus, monthly business bonus, commission on top-up and group sales bonus; this is very HUGE and FANTASTIC! What about our and other fantastic benefits like the Rank Advancement Bonus, local and international travels?

A mere registration fee of N10,000 qualify you for this awesome opportunity and these you enjoy for life!

From our Associate to Diamond Manager, members will also earn a Rank Advancement Bonus ranging from N10 per new sales which can be up to a N10,000 in a month, a brand new car to an SUV allowance.

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