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Top up and paymentsThis is package designed to service our network of mobile money agency service nationwide on the platform of all mobile money operators under our mobile money agency network management service.

Mobile money service is designed to provide secure, cost effective and convenient service to the populace which could either be banked, under banked and unbanked.  It is a branchless or street banking business that allows customers perform transaction on their mobile phones without the need to visit the bank.

A mobile money agent is the one trained and certified by us to carry out mobile money services with certified and licensed mobile money operators by the Central Bank of Nigeria that are under our management.

All agents under our agency management network service are protected by our Fidelity Guarantee scheme which is underwriting by a major Insurance Company in Nigeria.

SEMBIC realteller package offers a wide range of infrastructure services supporting and managing chains of vendors and related sub-vendors across multiple territories that provide local consumers with a wide range of cash-based financial services. These include handling domestic money transfers and international transfer later (work-in-progress by CBN), bill payments for numerous products and services as well as acting as "Mobile ATMs or HTMs", providing cash out facilities in largely rural areas and on street and as well provide the cash in for customer who wish to fund their mobile money (e-float).

These services are all securely managed entirely from the agent’s mobile handset without the need for deploying or modifying expensive new terminals. Agents typically trade in cash against a pre-paid balance earning a commission for every valid transaction. Other goods and services such as insurance can also be sold via the same system.  

Everyone on this package must own our m-wallet (our realcard) where fund is kept to recharge phones and even carry out the realteller transactions.

realteller Compensation Plan / Income Opportunity
This is an opportunity for you to own a world class ATM enabled card with the discount service function plus other fantastic opportunities in realcard, this also open you to partake of our realtalk package with its benefits and enjoy the benefit of savings without stress to attain financial goals on our SME business opportunities called realcosu. By simply recruiting a new member once, you can get paid on that recruit for as long as they remain active on our network… And by teaching others to do exactly the same thing, you can get paid for their efforts too.

Imagine your earning potentials of over N5million in a month in our fast start bonus, monthly business bonus, commission on top-up and group sales bonus; this is very HUGE and FANTASTIC! What about our and other fantastic benefits like the Rank Advancement Bonus, local and international travels?

A mere registration fee of N10,000 qualify you for this awesome opportunity and these you enjoy for life!

From our Associate to Diamond Manager, members will also earn a Rank Advancement Bonus ranging from N10 per new sales which can be up to a N10,000 in a month, a brand new car to an SUV allowance.


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