Who Are We?

realAGENT is a product of Sembic International Limited.

SEMBIC is a Financial and Telecoms Support Services provider www.sembic.com

realAGENT ……a SEMBIC Agents Network Management Service initiative

realAGENT is a Business Support Package for agents on agency banking/mobile money business

AS a member of realAGENT you;

Get trained by SEMBIC and become a professional Banking/Mobile Money Agent under the Agency Banking/Mobile Money initiative of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

Under realAGENT we;

  • Identify agents
  • Vet agents
  • Train agents
  • Monitor agents
  • Manage agents

…. on behalf of our Financial Service Provider partners

Our Services

  1. Agency Banking/ Mobile Money Agent Set up with various Industry leading Super Agents and Banking platforms
  2. Training of Agents
  3. Deployment of POS/ mPOS Terminals to registered Agents
  4. Connect registered Agents with relevant stakeholders within the Agent Banking/Mobile Money ecosystem and Financial Inclusion sector
  5. Vet and Manage Agents on our Agents Network Management Platform
  6. Agent Business Loans
  7. Sound Liquidity Management of Agents (like stop gap/quick financing service during MMO/Super Agents DEPOSIT/TRANSFER downtimes), safety of agents funds, management of transactions to avoid loss of funds to operator platforms and other Liquidity Management functions as spelt out by the operators/regulator(s).
  8. Conduct Seminars and Webinars to educate the general public and create the awareness that engenders acceptability of Agency Banking and Mobile Money Services
  9. Advocacy for Agency Banking/ Mobile Money and Digital Financial Services and Financial Inclusion in Nigeria
  10. Positioning our agents to structure their businesses for normal business growth that will outlive the founder.

Why we Are Different/Benefit of joining realAGENT

  1. Agency Banking/Mobile Money agent business set-up, business progress, and business sustenance training including continuous on the job training
  2. Business Loan to our network of agents
  3. Agent fund liquidity provision and management {this is huge!}
  4. First Level Customer Service Support
  5. Set-up sub-agents on network of tested and trusted platform operators with top notch world class technology, very competitive pricing, professional support and efficient customer service.
  6. Training and retraining, equipping Agents with the tools and skills to thrive and become successful in the business.
  7. Ability of our agents to earn extra huge income from Agency Banking/Mobile Money business even outside of their personal efforts, ceaseless income flow for every realAGENT member

How Can You Join Us

Prospects pay a non-refundable N15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira only) as realAGENT Membership Registration/Administrative Fee, which qualifies such a person to become a member and is qualified to enjoy all the benefits underlying the realAGENT membership.

This fee also gives the agent access to a maximum of 2 Terminals. Subsequent Terminal requests attracts a N5,000 Administrative Fee per Terminal. This Fee is exclusive of the Platform provider’s Terminal release registration or administrative fee (depending on the nomenclature).

We currently partner with top notch industry leader platform operators in Mobile Money and Agency Banking industry and they make available business tools like POS terminals, mPOS or PINPAD, mobile apps and or web apps with other materials which we distribute to our agents for the agent’s successful Agency Banking/Mobile Money business.

Before You join:

Kindly note: The N15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira Only) realAGENT membership/administrative fee is a non-refundable fee. It is therefore also not a payment for Terminal disbursement. We don’t sell Terminals or collect money for Terminal rentals. It is at the prerogative of the Super Agent/platform provider to determine the price for their Terminal registration and rental on their various platforms.