Real track

Real track is a TRANSACTION, DISPUTE RESOLUTION and ACCOINTING & REPORTING Solution. RealTRACK enables agent input their transactions to capture SUCCESSFUL, PENDING and FAILED transactions. SUCCESSFUL transaction will impact on the real accounting back-end for real-time calculation for reporting. PENDING transactions will show items to be revisited later for action (either to impact later or failed which may also lead to dispute for resolution) and FAILED transaction which might be an outright failed transaction or failed transaction that debit customer’s account without impacting the agent’s wallet and this leads to issue or agent’s wallet is debited for a failed, deposit etc. Failed transaction may also lead to dispute for resolution. When pending transaction turns out successful, it should be recorded as part of the agent’s successful transaction. Agent must be able to see the history of all transactions inputted by them for any period they want to see. Agent should be able to make corrections on already imputed transactions but upon approval from Sembic admin.

Real Health

Real Health by HYGEIA (HMOPLANS) is an Insurance scheme which was specifically designed to reduce out of pocket health expenses by individuals through the leverage that insurance gives generally. In line with our desire to offer value added services to our customers and the general public, we have therefore designed a scheme that will ensure that subscribers have access to qualitative yet affordable health services.

This Scheme is powered by Hygeia, the foremost and pioneer HMO in the country. This plan gives the enrolee access to over a thousand hospitals and care centres spread across the length and breadth of this nation. It is even more unique because realHEALTH gives you access healthcare irrespective of your location. As long as you are an enrolee on this scheme, even if you are out of the location where you registered primarily, you will still be able to access healthcare in your current location.

Real Agent

Real Agent is a product of Sembic International Limited. Real Agent is a SEMBIC Agents Network Management Service initiative and a Business Support Package for agents on agency banking/mobile money business. RealAgent members are trained by SEMBIC to become a professional Banking/Mobile Money Agent under the Agency Banking/Mobile Money initiative of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)



RealCosu is a Real Pioneers Cooperative Multipurpose Society, a cooperative society set up for the empowerment of members and improving the quality of life of all members with the aim to provide avenues for joint business investments with equal opportunities, Easy access to cheap funds. RealCosu seeks to empower members, gives room to learn leadership and managing resources and for everyone to have a chance to own a business. Amongst others

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